All power to the people SPEECH

All power to the people! As we move forward in these trying times we must understand that the power will always and forever remain with the people. To the millions of women around the world who marched to bring awareness to the many injustices facing humanity today; the power remains with you. To the thousands of veterans who spent many cold nights defending the native lands of an objectified people; the power remains with you. To the masses who protested against the brutal murders of citizens by law enforcement; the power remains with you. To the students who spent countless hours in study bringing attention to issues that affect our future generations; the power remains with you.  We must understand that. As Huey P. Newton understood that, As Bobby Seale Understands that, as The black panther party understood that the Power remains with the people. As you stand in this audience today feel empowered for you are taking the first steps into changing your mind, into changing your community, into changing your future, into changing your world. The walls of college campuses have served as a birthplace for many revolutionary movements, one of those was the black panther party. A movement that began in oakland California with 2 minds and spread throughout the country holding more than 10,000 members approximately 60 percent of them female. Reinforcing the ideas of self love, knowledge of history and protecting and providing for our communities. OUR COMMUNITIES! For our success after we graduate is ultimately determined by what we put back into our communities. The black panther party understood that; supplying 20,000 school aged children, in 19 cities around the country with breakfast every school day. Free clinics held in 13 cities across the country. Free food programs, peoples free ambulance, youth institute, Seniors against a fearful environment and many more. Our advocacy for justice comes from an undying love for our people. Through an undying love may we come together and understand that every injustice is our injustice, EVERY struggle is our struggle, You’re not only fighting for civil rights, you are not only fighting for gender rights, you are not only fighting for religious rights, YOU ARE fighting for humanity. We are ALL fighting for humanity and we will overcome, because success against struggle is determined by the will of a people. FEEL EMPOWERED, FEEL BRILLIANT, FEEL BEAUTIFUL AND FEEL FREE, free from standards, because we set the standards, we set the ideas, we mold tomorrow. Know that as you enter your classroom, as you step into the library, with every word you read and letter you type, YOU ARE MOLDING TOMORROW, Learn from Bobby Seale, Huey P. Newton & the black panther for they are our legacy, they are our history. Only through a knowledge of our history may we come to understand our own identity, Our own future. The world is in need of new ideas, we are in need of new organizations, we are in need of new movements. The black panther party was created because Eric Garner wasn’t the first, Sandra bland wasn’t the first, Trayvon Martin wasn’t the first, Emmett Till wasn’t the first but if we come together, if we organize, we can make sure it’s the last, because YOU HAVE THE POWER, the power to change is with you, the power to fight is with you, the power to inspire is with you, THE PEOPLE. So I need you to lift your fist high in the sky with me and say “ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE” Ladies and Gentlemen without further due, please put your hands together for Legendary co founder of the Black Panther party and honorary revolutionary BOBBY SEALE…FullSizeRender (3)